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2432 | Vostok

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VOSTOK 2432 2432 | Vostok

Technical features of 2432 movement:

24 mm. caliber movement with central second hand.
“Day-night” disk
Date calendar of instant action.
Automatic movement with a safety device keeping the spring safe from overwinding.
Height 5,7 mm.
31 ruby jewels.
Shock-resistant balance.
Average daily rate: -20 … +60 sec.
Frequency: 19800 semi-oscillation per hour.
Totally wound movement run not less than 31 hrs.
Average term of service: 10 years.

Coating of bridges and plates: nicket or chrome.
Coating of angrenage parts: nicket or gold-cobalt.
Coating of screws: nickel, gold-cobalt, chemical bluing.

Vostok Watch Makers Inc.
Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan
422981, Chistopol, Engels str.

  1. Peter Ansorge sagt:

    Dear Mr. Levenberg,
    i have a vostok europe vostok watch (black dial) with a 2432 movement that doesn’t rewind properly when i wear the watch.
    I gave this watch to several watchmakers but they couldn’t find the problem.

    Now i’m looking for a replacement movement. I tried to buy one from from the only reseller in the internet – meranom.com – but they cheated me with a non-working 2416B.

    Can you help me please?

    Best regards
    Peter Ansorge

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