1991 original SOSpr-2b-2-010 / СОСпр-2б-2-010 Stopuhr Prospekt /Flyer

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This stopwatch features a mechanical, single-hand, hand control single-acting and interrupted movement. The stopwatch is designed for measuring time intervals in minutes, seconds and fractions of a second. The stopwatch is used at sports competitions, researches and timekeeping.

The stopwatch has a 60-second dial with 0.2 s division value and 30-minute recorder of 1 min division value.

The 42 mm calibre, 15 ruby jewel movement is provided with spring actuator, lever escapement and balance-hairspring oscillatory system with a cycle of 0,4 s. Special single-acting lever device facilitates the stopwatch hand control. The stopwatch is started, stopped and its hands are reset to zero by successive pushing the winder.

The stopwatch run after a complete winding of the mainspring is at least 18 h.

The dial is coated with white enamel, figures and hands, with black enamel.