Juri Levenberg | Russian Watches | Russische Uhren | N4

This is a long time ago. To be precise this catalog is from 1992. It was sort of handmade, so excuse the bad (photocopy) quality. I started collecting and trading Russian watches around 1989. I still have a lot of these watches and I might put them all up into an collection in the near future. I don´t know exactly how many vintage russian watches I have, but my first guess is something over 2000. They are all there, but they need photos and proper categorizing etc.
You will have some of these watches yourself and most of them appeared in books by  Michael Ceyp or myself. So most of this is no surprise but I thought, why not share this old piece of my personal history.
If there might be a watch from this catalog you need see in higher quality, send the number (That is the only thing I changed for better identification) to: support(at)poljotuhren.de, it can be scanned a little better but not much. It still is what it is, a black & white photocopy… Sorry for that! 😉